What is The Legacy Coaching?

The Legacy Coaching is mindful mental training, through guided-written exercises we give athletes the space to discover who they are beyond what they do through the process of self-definition.

Self-Definition: The practice of defining yourself, your life and your legacy to detach from what others want for you and believe of you.

How was it created?

Vince has taken all of his life experiences and molded them into lessons to create the entire curriculum of The Legacy Coaching. With over 10 years of experience coaching football at every level from youth to professional, playing all the way through college and earning a Master’s in coaching education. Rather than creating what he knew people wanted, he worked with over 100 athletes and asked for honest feedback refine the product so that it fit with what people needed. His work earned him Life coach of the year in 2018 from Notable Life (Toronto).

Why is it important?

Very rarely in life do we stop and give the same love we give to those around us directly to ourselves.

These exercises are all pathways to access the love that already exists within us for us to tap into our true power so that we can increase the quality of what we give to those around us.

You don’t need to find yourself, you just need to define what is already there. 

How does it work?

Writing on paper is a practice of self-expression and every time we express our truth. We are seeing the inner working of our authentic selves in the external world. 

The Legacy Coaching is the pathway to access your truest self to unlock the mind and tap into your greatest power, love.  

So often in life we are steered by the influence of others. We want to “prove others wrong” or “make others proud” - within these situations, Vince believes we are living the lives of others.

The Legacy Coaching is created to take back the pen and define your own legacy.

What are the core modules?

  1. Identity - Who are you?**

  2. Empowerment - What do I love about myself?**

  3. Mental Toughness - What is my inner dialogue?

  4. Mental Clarity - What do I want?

  5. Success - What is my process?

  6. Truth - What is my truth?

  7. Fear - What are my fears?

  8. Purpose - What is my purpose?**

  9. Impact - What is my Legacy?

  10. Future - What is my vision?

  11. Goals - What are my goals?

  12. Rituals - What are my rituals?

**: Most popular modules

Who is it for?

The program is created for athletes, and it is also for everyone. We all struggle the same issue of identity, it just looks different on the outside.

How is it delivered?

The program is delivered through one on one coaching (online), group coaching (In person + online) and self-guided (online). We also offer keynote speaking!

Who have we worked with?

We have worked with over 20,000 people from the ages of 7 and up. We have worked with numerous businesses and organizations. Our impact has also spread to hundreds of professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, CFL, NHL and Olympic levels.