The Legacy Conversation Starter

The Legacy Conversation Starter


One Father’s day I chose to take my Dad out for lunch and asked him some questions about who he believed he was, the meaning of life, his purpose, and his legacy. That conversation strengthened the connection we carried between us as we shared laughs, tears and insight with each other that day. Six weeks later, he passed away from a sudden heart attack and I will forever be thankful that we took the time to share these conversations. 

The purpose of this guide is to help you facilitate a similar conversation with someone close to you. Use this as an excuse to gain a stronger understanding of their past, who they are now, what they wish for the future - all while gaining insight into yourself in the process.

I want you to be able to create the space necessary to facilitate this connection in a way that I both experienced and wish I could have experienced.

You can call it an interview, a conversation, a chat - whatever makes you feel comfortable. Below are the Six Steps needed to create this meaningful connection.

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